VydeoGram Review and Bonus

Software: Vydeogram

Creator: Andrew Darius

Website: vydeogram.com


VydeoGram (don’t ask me how to pronounce it) is brought to you by Andrew Darius from Explandio it’s a software that lets you upload your own videos to create Vydeograms which you can then share all over the place to generate more traffic and money.

Why I bought it

I need to tell you the reason I bought VydeoGram. I bought the awesome VydeoGram because of another tech startup called Videogram (sounds suspiciously similar, right?).

Well here is the thing…. I follow tech startups closely and I actually know that Videogram raised $5.9m in 3 rounds from 5 investors. This is not some botched up oDesk software that’s going to collect virtual dust. This is serious tech software that is built to increase your conversions and so that is why I bought it. If you’re curious about the multi million dollar videogram you can read an article here in Techcrunch, it shows how Video Grams can be big business.

9 Pro’s & functions

  1. Choose start and end times
  2. Export to .gif and mp4 formats
  3. Share animated gifs to Facebook via Imageshack inside Vydeogram software
  4. Choose the total length of your vydeogram time
  5. Works well with Facebook call to action
  6. Embed grams in emails to increase conversions by 40%
  7. Add audio to mp4 grams
  8. Desktop application to reduce slow speeds and other cloud based problems
  9. Save video grams to any folder on your computer with a couple of clicks!

3 Cons

  1. Not free, small cost
  2. Price rises after early bird
  3. Need some BASIC Facebook knowledge


There a couple of options you can choose when purchasing VydeoGram. Both on the front and the one time offers.

  • Yearly licence for $29.95
  • Lifetime licence for $47.00
  • Pro Licence $47/yearly or $97/lifetime
  • Whitelabel rights ranging from $97 to $197.


The yearly licence will give you the same access as the lifetime licence.


My bonus

If you like what you have read here and you want Vydeogram PLUS all the amazing free bonuses I am offering below then complete these 2 steps:


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